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Zeno's IT Assessment Software: Transform Performance, Process and Results

Improving your IT organisation is about to become a lot easier.

Are your ITSM processes...

Unlocking the value of Digital Transformation?

Well integrated, enhancing and supporting each other? 

Minimising headaches, or damaging your credibility?

Improving, stagnating or going backwards?

Stifling or nurturing innovation? 

Creating a disciplined and effective environment, and the right outcomes, or are things fraying at the edges?

Assess and Improve with Tools Designed for the Job

Wave goodbye to paperwork, spreadsheets and confusion. Improve IT processes with precision, ease and speed. Give your team the power to make process improvement part of what you do, day-to-day.

IT Assessment Software that's perfect for IT Organisations

How is your IT organisation doing? It's a simple question, so why is it so difficult to answer? The business wants improvement and efficiency - you need to accelerate process improvement. Zeno can help.

... And perfect for Consultants

Leave behind the spreadsheets and make assessment projects the fascinating, client inspiring joy they should be. Zeno's IT Assessment Software keeps the data at your fingertips, presents beautifully simple reports, and help your clients grow.

How do we compare?

 How does this sound?

  • Quicker - assess and improve processes and functions today
  • Get up and running with the software in minutes, not days or weeks
  • Better security, stable platform (AWS)
  • Beautiful, uncluttered UI
  • More statistically accurate for maturity scoring and bench-marking
  • New features constantly being added
  • More comprehensive - initial offering has 26 ITIL processes and 4 functions
  • More actionable - generate plans and roadmaps
  • More agile - start small and embed improvement in everyday work
  • Better contextual help so your expertise is focused on your business, not on the technicalities of ITIL or other frameworks
  • Free assessment training
  • More flexible value proposition - monthly or annual SaaS purchase, use it when you need it, no set-up costs, online training included

Features and Benefits for Enterprise Edition Only

Now process owners can be the drivers of process improvement - like they were always meant to be. Easily manage the activities that improve performance, and track the difference it makes to the organisation.

  •  Process Tracker for Process Owners
  •  Process Tracker Reporting Dashboard
  •  Quick Assessment - actionable self-assessment statements

Features and Benefits for Enterprise Edition AND Consultant Edition

  •  Complete ITIL assessment statements for 26 processes and 4 functions
  •  ​​​​Standard ITIL Maturity Model
  •  Category Scores
  •  Likert Scale
  •  Additional open questions
  •  Limited customization of questions / statements
  •  Contextual help
  •  Capture free-form notes for each question / statement
  •  View by organisations or processes assigned to user
  •  Maturity and capability reporting dashboard
  •  Generate PDF assessment, gap analysis and recommendation reports directly from comments and charts within the software 

Product Roadmap for both Editions

  •  Assessment capability for COBIT, Devops and other frameworks
  •  Annual contract includes life-time access to comprehensive assessment training
  •  COBIT Process Assessment Model
  •  Horizontal and vertical sector benchmarking
  •  Value Stream Assessment
  •  Service Lifecycle data model and artefact templates
  •  CSI / Continual Improvement Register and Integration
  •  Enhanced customization of questions / statements

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